FAE Student Corpus Project

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File names indicate the type of essays: "portfolio" indicates essays written over the course of the semester; "term" indicates term papers; "draft" and "final" indicate first and final drafts respectively.

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For KWIC-style concordances, define the length of the left and right context:

Enter the word or phrase to search for:

You may use any PERL regular expression as a search string. Your string is searched within word boundaries. So, for example, to do a truncated search for words beginning with "feel", just add the symbol for the word character class (\w) and the desired number of occurences:
feel\w* will match any word, while
feel\w? will match "feel" and "feels", but not "feeler" or "feeling"
\w = word character \d = digit character \s = whitespace incl. newline
* = any, + = one or more, ? = zero or one occurences

Development: this site runs Robin Turner's perlconc, available from Sourceforge with modifications by Gregor Sieber